In The Beginning…An Introductory Post

As a first post on this blog, I should assume that everyone is looking for something really catchy, outside the realm of anything they have read before, in order for them to decide to follow and engage with my blog. Well, that’s not gonna happen…today. But it will happen. And big.

Everything I post will come from all sorts of engaging arenas, such as, startups, investments, technology, media, other high profile journalists and special guests in many areas of expertise. You might find photography here, or maybe a great author with a new book. You might see a post from a venture capitalist about an exciting startup company. Something posted could be about video conferencing, social ecommerce or jello. If pictures of your dog or cat show up, don’t blame me. If you have a really good video, it can be submitted for posting.

You can help with the categories that are listed here…be sure to ask for what you want to see, and maybe, you could appear as a guest poster!