Silent Film

THE GREEN GODDESS- Harry Morey, George Arliss, Alice Joyce

The Green Goddess 4 Goldwyn




A New Mystery- Who Are They? Some new additions to help solve the mystery have been added below.. The gentleman in the hat is another character, and appears to have rescued them and is on the island. Who are they and what is the movie? UPDATE: the amazing folks at Nitrateville have solved the mystery, thanks!

These photos are from a movie of a shipwreck. A wealthy woman boards a ship, a man of lesser means is in love with her, and then there is a shipwreck and they must survive on an island. There are about 100 nearly all in sequence stills in this set.  I am searching to find what movie this is and who the actors are in the film. If you know, feel free to comment!

Unknown shipwreck6 shrink25

Unknown shipwreck4 shrink25

Unknown shipwreck5 shrink25

Unknown shipwreck8 shrink25Unknown shipwreck10 shrink25

Unknown shipwreck1 shrink25Unknown shipwreck2 shrink25

Unknown shipwreck3 shrink25

This will be the new page for all photograph uploads of Silent Film.

The journey begins with the wonderful women of the stage in Europe. Although I am not a historian in this particular genre, I will do my best to reveal all that I do know about each segment of this journey.

You see, these photographs were stored away for at least 60 years, passed from one friend to another, and ended up finally finding the light of day.

This collection originally belonged to Arthur Beck and his wife, Leah Baird. Arthur was a silent film producer and created quite a large amount of movies. He married the actress, Leah Baird, and together they amassed their life’s work into an amazing discovery today. Arthur had a brother, named Emmett, whom he cast in many movies at the time, but who never became a superstar. Emmett and Arthur worked together from New York to California, and all of their Hollywood friends are also here in their personal pictures. When I know the names of the actors in the photographs I will list them.

Please Note: All content and photographs on this site are copyrighted, and requests for permission to use them will be in writing.


Some Silent Film Drama Stills

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