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VKY Original – Luxury Handbags With a Secret

Hello Friends!

I have been working behind the scenes on a special project, with Founder Victoria George- for her VKY Original handbags that carry a special secret. Each luxurious handbag has a hidden pocket that can keep your most important and private things from prying eyes. More than the quality and special pockets, each bag lining ‘tells a story’, with a portion of each sale supports a philanthropic cause to help others. Giving back is an important part of creating a fabulous bag that you can feel good about when you carry it.

The creation and mission that has come together on this project has become close to my heart and I am proud to be a part of this extraordinary company. It has taken two years of design, creativity and hard work to make it happen, and we are thrilled to finally share it with the world! The bags are for women and for men, and for anyone who loves to carry luxury and have real privacy!

VKY couple

I appreciate your support and any sharing you would offer!  I welcome your questions and comments as we grow into a brand that is for you- universally loved in fashion, design, accessory style and charity.





New Client Opening


Hello all,

Welcome!  I have recently had new client openings become available-for content writing, social media and brand creation & management. Many of my clients have been acquired by large companies this past year and I am available for some new adventures with new people and companies. Take a look at my resume, everything about me can be found here:

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and having some new projects to work! If you or someone you know has something great to grow, please let me know. Email for more information.


Patricia Dixon


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Startup Growth and Connections

With the current state of technology in both hardware and software, the industry appears to be moving and growing at a rapid pace, when viewed from my company’s perspective. Although I am hearing of slowing capital infusion and smaller investments overall, I am seeing an uptick in product creation and startup growth.

Watching so many startups coming from places other than silicon valley, I am encouraged that the state of our economy will continue to thrive for some time to come. We are busier than ever, with all sorts of product creators, both consumer marketplace and mobile products. These two are working together and creating products that are in both spaces and there is capital to help them grow.

I am seeing many more startups finding seed funding, Series A and so on, in the recent year. The collaboration between founders and funders is becoming ever more friendly. I see them come to me, get connected and then utilize my services at a rapid pace. When they are working well together, I see my company grow- and it seems to be very cohesive these days between founders, funders and others like me.

For all of the startup founders worried about the recent news media reporting that finding funding is getting harder- don’t stop building your product, don’t stop looking for ways to grow it. Don’t ‘sell the farm’ too early, there is always someone looking for what you are doing, you just have to take the time to network and really get to know people. It’s time consuming for a founder to do this, but it is the best foundation for a product to be realized.

At this time, if you would like to get on our client waiting list, email me at -we can talk about your plans and what you would like to do with your strategy and growth. We can discuss getting you connected to those that would like to see you succeed.

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Looking Back and Moving Forward: Historical Treasures and Startup Entrepreneurs

385How fast time flies when I have the pleasure of meeting new startup companies, and enjoying my hobby of acquiring, sharing and selling historical treasures.

This past year has given me the opportunity to meet some great entrepreneurs and their startup endeavors that are real American companies now. One that comes to mind is how much I enjoyed speaking to Bill Lott, about his startup created to help startups find talent and grow their company by offering equity.

Then I began the quest of selling vast amounts of acquired historical treasures. Troves of antique lace, historical books and now the beginning of mass amounts of silent film stills, autographs and amazing ephemera. ALL of the silent film, (some are here: ) books (some here: ) and other antiquities listed in the pages of this site will all be for sale. If you find something you want, let me know. I will post a link to ebay in the coming days as I start to upload it. There are 1000s of never before seen movie stills so it will take time.

I have watched startups fail when they could have listened and learned, and I have seen startups succeed because they listen and learn. The right people mean everything. So do the right words, moves and instincts.

It’s about rarities to me, startups that creative ingenuity has spawned, historical treasures that are one of a kind and should not be lost to time; these go hand in hand.

This coming year is bringing more exciting startup stories that I am looking forward to sharing with you all. I have a pipeline of startups waiting to chat and share their story with the world, so stay tuned.  Join me for another fantastic year of looking back deep into history, and looking forward further than we imagine to new things!

Thanks for coming along on the journey, onward to our 2013!

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The Great Equalizer- Equity

In my recent conversation with co-founder Bill Lott of Hours For Equity, I realized that the break away from a bad economy is an idea that becomes an open door to business development. In this economy it becomes a “Great Equalizer” to develop and build a product and company. How do companies start with an idea, gain real talent to create a product and afford the best to make the best? Entrepreneurs that create products to help entrepreneurs is a very good answer. Hours For Equity does this and continues to grow in clients and partnerships. In my opinion, it is a force to be reckoned with, or more appropriately, “The Great Equalizer”.

Here is more about how they’re reshaping the way we do business.

You can find them here at: