About Me

About Me: Founder of PatDDixon Consulting

Startup Advisor-Social media creation and management-marketing and branding- crowdfunding and capital funding connections-content creation- social advertising campaigns

Services for Social- Community management, content creation, marketing and brand experience. Includes marketing strategy and development.

I love being in the grand adventure and a part of the entrepreneurial spirit of the startup community. I am always accepting new clients that would like to grow their social media reach and brand. I have been working in social media, before it was called ‘social media’. I love helping companies and their people innovate through marketing. I enjoy content and article writing, and I also do information research for a variety of companies. I have experience in software, hardware, small businesses and corporate businesses. I also enjoy varied duties of Startup advisement.

As a consultant, I train employees in social media best practices, teach business owners how to create and implement social media and I run small to large business social media accounts for them, including executive social accounts. I create marketing and ambassador programs designed specifically to the client.

Some of my specific work has been in software, hardware and technology startups and web content. I have created multiple case studies, articles and social content for a large variety of companies. Some are listed below.

Please contact me anytime- I look forward to working with you and learning about your company, product and people!

Med/Surgical background, entrepreneur, PR, SEO, Media, tech, author, advisor, startups. History enthusiast, antiquities collector.

And, I love cheese, cause it’s good.

Great! That’s it, if you want to know more, just ask.

Contact me or find me here:

Email: Patddixon (at) gmail .com Please email me for my phone number if you are interested in hiring me. Thank you

@PatDDixon on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/patddixon

Patricia Dixon on Google+ https://plus.google.com/106926933042884498606#106926933042884498606/posts

Patricia Dixon on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=68139892&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

Patricia Drennan Dixon on Facebook http://on.fb.me/Qdz8qz

Pinterest http://pinterest.com/thepatddixon/


Startups: Some I have been a part of, written about because they are excellent startups,  some I am a part of. This includes non-profits and businesses. Proud of them all, honored to be their friend, associate or advisor. Not all of my clients, past and present are listed here. Please ask me for private/current client references, many are private and unlisted. References available. Let’s talk!

http://grijjy.com –  startup advisor


Willy Somma Photography  http://seeing-pictures.com

http://myglocaps.com – social media/ startup advisor

Phil Gerbyshak- Public Speaker      Podcasts- Phil Gerbyshak- ConversationsWithPhil  -Content Creation and research

Alexa Electronics

Cook Off Road Racing, Speed Energy Nor Cal

StartupLeak news-Journalist/ content creation ( Company Acquired)

http://www.incync.com/  Brand recognition, Kickstarter, social media platforms, social management. Advisor.  (Acquired by iHome )

http://soundryderaudio.com/ Brand recognition, social media platforms, social management. Advisor.

http://southyubariverstatepark.org Social platform creation and social management. Past

http://nefsis.com  Social platform creation and social management. Executive account creation and management. Articles, website content, case studies.  (Acquired)

http://brandmatchscore.com Article

http://coeverywhere.com -formerly BlockAve – Article

http://www.sevacall.com Article

https://www.1mind.com/ Article

Author: Zackery Humphreys Social branding and account management.

Sierra Theaters- Brand management, social platform creation and management.

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