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VKY Original – Luxury Handbags With a Secret

Hello Friends!

I have been working behind the scenes on a special project, with Founder Victoria George- for her VKY Original handbags that carry a special secret. Each luxurious handbag has a hidden pocket that can keep your most important and private things from prying eyes. More than the quality and special pockets, each bag lining ‘tells a story’, with a portion of each sale supports a philanthropic cause to help others. Giving back is an important part of creating a fabulous bag that you can feel good about when you carry it.

The creation and mission that has come together on this project has become close to my heart and I am proud to be a part of this extraordinary company. It has taken two years of design, creativity and hard work to make it happen, and we are thrilled to finally share it with the world! The bags are for women and for men, and for anyone who loves to carry luxury and have real privacy!

VKY couple

I appreciate your support and any sharing you would offer!  I welcome your questions and comments as we grow into a brand that is for you- universally loved in fashion, design, accessory style and charity.




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