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Startup Growth and Connections

With the current state of technology in both hardware and software, the industry appears to be moving and growing at a rapid pace, when viewed from my company’s perspective. Although I am hearing of slowing capital infusion and smaller investments overall, I am seeing an uptick in product creation and startup growth.

Watching so many startups coming from places other than silicon valley, I am encouraged that the state of our economy will continue to thrive for some time to come. We are busier than ever, with all sorts of product creators, both consumer marketplace and mobile products. These two are working together and creating products that are in both spaces and there is capital to help them grow.

I am seeing many more startups finding seed funding, Series A and so on, in the recent year. The collaboration between founders and funders is becoming ever more friendly. I see them come to me, get connected and then utilize my services at a rapid pace. When they are working well together, I see my company grow- and it seems to be very cohesive these days between founders, funders and others like me.

For all of the startup founders worried about the recent news media reporting that finding funding is getting harder- don’t stop building your product, don’t stop looking for ways to grow it. Don’t ‘sell the farm’ too early, there is always someone looking for what you are doing, you just have to take the time to network and really get to know people. It’s time consuming for a founder to do this, but it is the best foundation for a product to be realized.

At this time, if you would like to get on our client waiting list, email me at -we can talk about your plans and what you would like to do with your strategy and growth. We can discuss getting you connected to those that would like to see you succeed.

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