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We read about the “20 under 20” and “30 under 30” regarding the great entrepreneurs in the startup community where there is massive growth and huge success in business and technology. We know them and we watch them amaze the world, one invention at a time.

These inventor/creators are disrupting the mainstream of how we do business, and the financial infrastructure of our entire economy.  What about those that have gone before them? Are they still creating and disrupting the eco-infrastructure?

They are our older inventors and they are always there- creating, successful, not resting on their prior creative talents but rather are the example of what it means to be an entrepreneur. They respect those like them that make good things in this world happen one creation at a time, regardless of age. They are mentors, advisors and more importantly entrepreneurs at any age. Their minds are the window that you and I want to look through.

Innovation comes in many forms and it comes from the mind of ideas and inventions, with aging entrepreneurs being no exception to that leading edge. As I have worked with team inCync, I have come to realize how grounded and realistic an inventor/entrepreneur of 70+ years can be. Gone are the trappings of flashy, toy filled offices with beer taps on Fridays and street hockey in courtyards. They’ve already done all that. They still love their toys and your creative toys too, and they continue to contribute, to make the ones that fill real needs and bring fun into other’s lives with every exciting day they work and formulate. They have offices that could rival any young Silicon Valley startup, with small rooms full of amazing ongoing brainstorms written on boards, computers and piles of paper. They play sports, racquetball and other things that keep their brains and body sharp, in order to work the 3am nights that they have been addicted too for most of their lives.

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As my clients and friends at inCync have grown, I have watched streamlined and fast decision making in a startup with enormous potential. Time is never wasted, and a small team makes product decisions quickly and concisely. They learn, constantly there is a learning curve, because, you know, you are never too old to miss an opportunity to learn.

Founder, Bud Wilcox is an ambitious creator, having many products under his belt, including FreeWheelin, the blue tooth device that goes on any helmet. People can hear ambient noise while riding a bike and take a phone call hands free. Innovation made to protect those that want to enjoy music and be safe.  Now with inCync, a product that does something similar and is very tiny and light, it clips to almost anything, runners, hikers, bikers and anyone else can go just about anywhere and utilize safe listening and hands-free calls. Bud has products made from a lifetime of seeing a simple need and filling it, but making sure it’s the best quality that he can possibly find to ensure happy consumers.

Men and women like this have set aside ego for ambition, and it’s a lesson smart people learn as the decades move forward.

I am watching the forefront of his creative mind with great wonder on my part. I am constantly surprised by how he gets things done, when he does things and the relentless pursuit of knowledge that he has. I also get the joy of knowing the next product that is coming and it’s exciting to me. I would love to reveal it, but alas, it’s under wraps. I can tell you that your phone will love it though.

When we think of ourselves as entrepreneurs we envision ourselves and others as young mellinials working fast, high on energy drinks and fretting over venture capital. Will you still be creating products at over 70+ years in your life with imagination and a strong sense of purpose to help the world and to fill needs? Hard to imagine that you will. Bud is proof that you can skip some energy drinks, although he admits to some coffee of course, as most entrepreneurs have some vice- while staying incredibly fit mentally and physically as an entrepreneur. We should take some lessons from those that have been there and done that, so that we can find ourselves in this select and talented pool of what I like to call, Generou-Preneurs. Will you make it?

What will you create at 70? What will you give to the world? Value and sustainability are more than words; they are the lifestyle of the entrepreneur.

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