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I had a fun and enlightening chat with Line Genie co-founder, Trevor Schwartz about his new product. Coming from the ranks of Raytheon, he and his partner, John Clifford discovered that many Boston area clubs had long lines and it was hard to get in. They found a solution for these clubs to honor their best customers that committed to spend and the venue included a huge a perk, no cover charge. I’m looking forward to the expansion of this company to many other cities that desperately need it. The whole story is here:

http://www.startupleak.com/linegenie-noline-nocover/  “In 2010, John Clifford, co-founder of Line Genie, was going to a party for a co-worker at a popular Boston venue. Upon arrival, he realized that half of the party was already inside; the other half was stuck outside in line and missing the celebration. This spawned an idea…”