Generou-Preneurs- Getting Kickstarted Going Seventy Four


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We read about the “20 under 20” and “30 under 30” regarding the great entrepreneurs in the startup community where there is massive growth and huge success in business and technology. We know them and we watch them amaze the world, one invention at a time.

These inventor/creators are disrupting the mainstream of how we do business, and the financial infrastructure of our entire economy.  What about those that have gone before them? Are they still creating and disrupting the eco-infrastructure?

They are our older inventors and they are always there- creating, successful, not resting on their prior creative talents but rather are the example of what it means to be an entrepreneur. They respect those like them that make good things in this world happen one creation at a time, regardless of age. They are mentors, advisors and more importantly entrepreneurs at any age. Their minds are the window that you and I want to look through.

Innovation comes in many forms and it comes from the mind of ideas and inventions, with aging entrepreneurs being no exception to that leading edge. As I have worked with team inCync, I have come to realize how grounded and realistic an inventor/entrepreneur of 70+ years can be. Gone are the trappings of flashy, toy filled offices with beer taps on Fridays and street hockey in courtyards. They’ve already done all that. They still love their toys and your creative toys too, and they continue to contribute, to make the ones that fill real needs and bring fun into other’s lives with every exciting day they work and formulate. They have offices that could rival any young Silicon Valley startup, with small rooms full of amazing ongoing brainstorms written on boards, computers and piles of paper. They play sports, racquetball and other things that keep their brains and body sharp, in order to work the 3am nights that they have been addicted too for most of their lives.

Bud 1

As my clients and friends at inCync have grown, I have watched streamlined and fast decision making in a startup with enormous potential. Time is never wasted, and a small team makes product decisions quickly and concisely. They learn, constantly there is a learning curve, because, you know, you are never too old to miss an opportunity to learn.

Founder, Bud Wilcox is an ambitious creator, having many products under his belt, including FreeWheelin, the blue tooth device that goes on any helmet. People can hear ambient noise while riding a bike and take a phone call hands free. Innovation made to protect those that want to enjoy music and be safe.  Now with inCync, a product that does something similar and is very tiny and light, it clips to almost anything, runners, hikers, bikers and anyone else can go just about anywhere and utilize safe listening and hands-free calls. Bud has products made from a lifetime of seeing a simple need and filling it, but making sure it’s the best quality that he can possibly find to ensure happy consumers.

Men and women like this have set aside ego for ambition, and it’s a lesson smart people learn as the decades move forward.

I am watching the forefront of his creative mind with great wonder on my part. I am constantly surprised by how he gets things done, when he does things and the relentless pursuit of knowledge that he has. I also get the joy of knowing the next product that is coming and it’s exciting to me. I would love to reveal it, but alas, it’s under wraps. I can tell you that your phone will love it though.

When we think of ourselves as entrepreneurs we envision ourselves and others as young mellinials working fast, high on energy drinks and fretting over venture capital. Will you still be creating products at over 70+ years in your life with imagination and a strong sense of purpose to help the world and to fill needs? Hard to imagine that you will. Bud is proof that you can skip some energy drinks, although he admits to some coffee of course, as most entrepreneurs have some vice- while staying incredibly fit mentally and physically as an entrepreneur. We should take some lessons from those that have been there and done that, so that we can find ourselves in this select and talented pool of what I like to call, Generou-Preneurs. Will you make it?

What will you create at 70? What will you give to the world? Value and sustainability are more than words; they are the lifestyle of the entrepreneur.

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A Collaborative Economy is a Collaborative Co-Creator- You


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I! Buy your stuff!

In this life of content, context and more importantly, creation, we are all co-creating a great reality, one of business and expression. As the New Year comes into perspective there are so many places where we find value in our personal experiences. Some find monetary value or the value of a sharing economy, where corporations seek the value of the persons that share them with value.

Watching something unfold, imparting wisdom, even one line of words is where the collaborative economy becomes the core of who we are. It’s a digital social era, and you are it. I have watched and engaged with many people on a local and global level with products and comments and basic ‘magic’ of the here and now.

There are an abundance of very local centric Facebook groups, blog sites, sharing sites, posting sites, Twitter posts and more, where thousands of local people in small communities engage daily with each other. They are selling, asking for a good business to supply their demand; such as car repair, child care or products they need and they are creating the collaborative economy. The corporations are seeing this but missing the ‘smaller-bigger’ picture, for these are the consumers, creators and co-creators of their reality.

It’s incredibly powerful and I cannot emphasize enough the power of the individual. On a daily basis, belonging to the web of things and people, I see everyone telling, sharing, challenging and creating the future of every single business, whether local or global.

Some have written books about it, some are creating corporate companies about it- but seeing the core of it on the main street that makes the Wall Street is an amazing thing. People are engaging like never before. Asking their community members and neighbors for recommendations, product reviews and service potentials. These are the people shaping the future of growth like never before. I have spent money, gained value, and learned of new companies and products as did a rather large number of people- and this happens in every community across the world. They are easily identified and you haven’t found them yet; what are you waiting for?
You’re waiting until people like me and others show them to you. Don’t wait, engage now. You are a valuable co-creator here.

The value of change is something embraced when it becomes socially acceptable to do so. It is socially acceptable to value the co creation of working and living together in social media for the betterment of all right now. Step up at this, the best time for it.

I recently asked a community group in social media for a simple product recommendation for a Christmas gift. I asked for earrings. That was all. In a city of merely 20,000, there are approx. 3,000 members of a closed group on Facebook and they are heavily engaged in their local and global business recommendations. I had 65 recommendations, including business website links, FB pages, Etsy links and private messages simply to convey how to buy a local small product in a very small business venue. These pros barter, give many things for free, offer free or discounted services and recommend good businesses daily.
I can fix my car, rent a car, buy a house, build a solar panel, make soup or find health products with exceptional and good accuracy.

Imagine if your corporation, or if your heavily funded not yet profitable company could reach those masses? They are the millions, and millions of co-creators that make you great, get your voice heard. They may share that massive corporate video that is so well done, but that doesn’t sell your product like their chats with others about those companies where they actually BUY a product.

I work with them, I share with them- they are me and I am them, and SO ARE YOU. You aren’t a corporate representative or a social media promoter. You are the co creator of the experience that we are creating together.

This is economy, but it is so much more. Don’t embrace it to simply make money. The money comes from those individuals that create your company- I engage them and enjoy them and co-create with them. You should also, especially if you are the CEO, the CTO, the founding board member or the head of all greatness in any Fortune 100, 500 or other company. It is available when you are part of the content of real value and you actually participate in the creation of it. Not through your thousands of employees, but through yourself is where the engagement and economy grows. Why don’t you grab it? You can, but you have to be present, here and now.

Co-create the content, context and actual human value. Be the co-creator of this amazing experience.

On a local centric, global scale I see Airbnb every day. CO Everywhere, Circle, and many more. Who do you see? Post them here. Thanks to Robert Scoble, Shel Israel, Jeremiah Owyang for bringing this to a global discussion.

To learn more, contact me at

The Dodge Legacy: Two Brothers, Four Generations and 1Mind


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I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Derek Dodge, founder of 1Mind, a startup mobile app that allows people to really connect on a human interest level and meet like-minded friends through the fun play of answering questions about things we like. It is a very creative and intuitive app that is enjoyable and useful for real connections. More about the inventors and the app can be found here:

Darren, Derek and MCHammer: Photo Courtesy Derek Dodge

Darren Derek Hammer

Yes, their dad is Don Dodge of Google, so this family has some serious talent on many levels. Enjoy the story, and then go get the app in the app store and try it for yourself!

Startup: BrandMatch Score – How to Win with Winners


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Startup companies come in all forms and genres, but there are very few who understand the talent and devotion it takes to scale a solid company with reasonable expectations. I recently had the pleasure of an extensive conversation with Derek Boyle, CEO and founder of BrandMatch™ Score, who has a firm grasp on the realities of growing a successful company, and the ability to fill a large market need in a whole new way. If you have a company looking to utilize a celebrity or athlete to represent your brand, this is a powerful software that has incredible potential and is distrupting the way brands choose representatives for their products. Excited to watch this company and team grow!

To learn more about BrandMatch Score go here:

Learn more at their website:

Silent Film Queen of Sheba- Betty Blythe


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Queen of Sheba -Betty Blythe shrink50Queen of Sheba -Betty Blythe back shrink50

UPDATE: FEB 18,2013 She’s so lovely and rare that I sent her to my ebay!

This is considered a lost film, and some stills exist but are rare. Here is one I found in this collection.

“William Fox presents QUEEN OF SHEBA Gigantic spectacle and story of the world’s greatest love- Story by Virginia Tracy, Directed by J. GORDON EDWARDS”

Looking Back and Moving Forward: Historical Treasures and Startup Entrepreneurs


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385How fast time flies when I have the pleasure of meeting new startup companies, and enjoying my hobby of acquiring, sharing and selling historical treasures.

This past year has given me the opportunity to meet some great entrepreneurs and their startup endeavors that are real American companies now. One that comes to mind is how much I enjoyed speaking to Bill Lott, about his startup created to help startups find talent and grow their company by offering equity.

Then I began the quest of selling vast amounts of acquired historical treasures. Troves of antique lace, historical books and now the beginning of mass amounts of silent film stills, autographs and amazing ephemera. ALL of the silent film, (some are here: ) books (some here: ) and other antiquities listed in the pages of this site will all be for sale. If you find something you want, let me know. I will post a link to ebay in the coming days as I start to upload it. There are 1000s of never before seen movie stills so it will take time.

I have watched startups fail when they could have listened and learned, and I have seen startups succeed because they listen and learn. The right people mean everything. So do the right words, moves and instincts.

It’s about rarities to me, startups that creative ingenuity has spawned, historical treasures that are one of a kind and should not be lost to time; these go hand in hand.

This coming year is bringing more exciting startup stories that I am looking forward to sharing with you all. I have a pipeline of startups waiting to chat and share their story with the world, so stay tuned.  Join me for another fantastic year of looking back deep into history, and looking forward further than we imagine to new things!

Thanks for coming along on the journey, onward to our 2013!

The Great Equalizer- Equity


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In my recent conversation with co-founder Bill Lott of Hours For Equity, I realized that the break away from a bad economy is an idea that becomes an open door to business development. In this economy it becomes a “Great Equalizer” to develop and build a product and company. How do companies start with an idea, gain real talent to create a product and afford the best to make the best? Entrepreneurs that create products to help entrepreneurs is a very good answer. Hours For Equity does this and continues to grow in clients and partnerships. In my opinion, it is a force to be reckoned with, or more appropriately, “The Great Equalizer”.

Here is more about how they’re reshaping the way we do business.

You can find them here at:

Startups Making Magic


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I had a fun and enlightening chat with Line Genie co-founder, Trevor Schwartz about his new product. Coming from the ranks of Raytheon, he and his partner, John Clifford discovered that many Boston area clubs had long lines and it was hard to get in. They found a solution for these clubs to honor their best customers that committed to spend and the venue included a huge a perk, no cover charge. I’m looking forward to the expansion of this company to many other cities that desperately need it. The whole story is here:  “In 2010, John Clifford, co-founder of Line Genie, was going to a party for a co-worker at a popular Boston venue. Upon arrival, he realized that half of the party was already inside; the other half was stuck outside in line and missing the celebration. This spawned an idea…”

Startup BlockAvenue is Live and in Your Neighborhood


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Over the past few weeks I have enjoyed talking with the team at BlockAvenue. They are launching their product today, and I believe that their success is inevitable. It’s powerful information for any neighborhood, with real information on everything you would want to know in any area. 50 million data points and growing, this has the potential to have a massive user base very quickly. They are part of the Cambridge MIT incubator in DogPatchLabs, and have the backing for growth. They are a team that you should watch! Here’s some more:

Launching today, BlockAvenue from Cambridge, MA. plans to take on the literal world of location based everything. They have utilized a massive amount of data points to give the user an actual interpretation of a real neighborhood. It has a powerful potential when it can be used by the public to determine the value or lack thereof regarding their neighborhood or potential neighborhood. Tony Longo, Founder of BlockAvenue, has the ambition to take this company to the public with a necessary product that provides real value in daily use. It’s engaging, interactive and informative, and that is a rare thing of value.

“Using BlockAvenue is very easy. The process starts by searching for any location: a city, town, neighborhood, intersection, street or even an alleyway. From there, consumers are able to zoom in and focus down into specific areas to see the makeup and score of the location. Consumers are also able to vote and comment on individual data points such as transit stops, coffee shops and grocery stores. Or, they could take a more thorough approach and write a full BlockReview on why an area is great…or not so great.”

After a beta review of the product, I see that this potential and the ease of use are extremely valuable. I can travel and have a full view of the place I am staying and the types of businesses I would like to visit, such as restaurants, hotels, where to get gas, and what areas I should avoid due to crime statistics. I enjoyed really zooming into the circles that provided more information, or would clearly provide it at some point. Interactive public engagement will make this product a travel or moving necessity.

Read the rest here—>

Boston Startup Vsnap Making Personal Connections in Business


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While doing copy edit recently,   I had the pleasure of chatting with a Boston startup company called Vsnap. They offer a business solution to the dry, boring email message with an engaging and personal vSnap one minute video message. Their platform is API integrated  for Vsnaps to be sent via Twitter, LinkedIn and email, which in turn makes for a way to engage customers and clients with a personal connection. They are seeming growth in many areas of customer use, and have a rockin’ team to make it all happen.

From what I am seeing with this company and product idea, they have real potential in a niche space where video and social contact imbed into each other in a personal way, rather than the world of social noise in mere text that we currently experience. Vsnap is one to watch as their consumer base grows in variable directions, which is imperative for a startup to substantiate valuation. They are seeing growth in areas such as HR recruitment, ecommerce, healthcare and many other business arenas.

More about Vsnap can be found here: and here:

Give them a try and let me know how it works for you, and how you are utilizing it.


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